How Much Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Cost?

This is obviously the most frequently asked question.  There is no generic answer because all crimes are different.  We do offer payment plans because we realize that an attorney is a major expense.  Remember, you get what you pay for.

A criminal defense attorney typically requires a flat fee.  This is unlike family law, where you pay an attorney a retainer.  The attorney then puts the money into a trust account and only charges you based on his hourly work.  A flat fee is not a retainer, the fee is earned in full at the time of payment.

There are 2 ways that a criminal defense attorney will charge you a flat fee: (1) all of the fee, including a jury trial, or (2) a flat fee, which does not include a jury trial.  Under the second option, a separate jury-trial fee is required.  This is done to save you the fee in case a jury trial is not required.  Again, we have no generic answer to this either, as it truly depends on the type of case.

Typically, misdemeanors have set fees, while felonies can vary widely based upon the severity and complexity of the case.  Also, motions to revoke probation (“community supervision”) or adjudicate typically carry lower fees as a jury trial is not legally an option.

Contact Case J. Darwin with any additional questions or help. We are always welcome to speak about pricing options and can find the correct payment plan for your situation.

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