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Assaultive Crimes


violent crimesAssaultive crimes, violent crimes or crime of violence are cases in which an offender uses or threatens force upon a victim. This includes crimes in which the violent act is the objective such as murder, and crimes where violence is the means to an end. Assaultive crimes may, or may not be committed with weapons. Depending on the jurisdiction, assaultive crimes might vary from homicide to harassment.

Knowing this, these type of crimes should be taken seriously. If you or a loved one has been charged with any sort of violent criminal act, it is very important that you have the right attorney on your side. As a criminal defense law firm, we make every effort to provide our clients the best case scenario. While this requires a thorough understanding or your case and the charge you have received, we believe everyone deserves the chance to be heard in court.

What are considered Violent Crimes?

Violent crimes can range from murder to assault with a deadly weapon. However, these crimes are almost always considered felonies. Here is a list of common assaultive crimes:

  • Assault (see Texas Penal Code chapter 22),
  • Battery (see Texas Penal Code chapter 22),
  • Murder (see Texas Penal Code chapter 19),
  • Manslaughter (see Texas Penal Code section 19.04),
  • Rape (see Texas Penal Code chapter 22),
  • Arson (see Texas Penal Code section 28.02),
  • Terrorism
  • Domestic violence (see Texas Penal Code section 22.01),
  • Gang violence (see Texas Penal Code section 71.02),
  • Kidnapping (see Texas Penal Code chapter 20),
  • Robbery (see Texas Penal Code chapter 29), or
  • Trafficking of Persons (see Texas Penal Code chapter 20A)

If any of these crimes are something you have been charged for, please do contact the criminal defense attorneys at our law firm. While all of these assaultive crimes are serious, we can offer solutions, which is better than trying to approach the situation alone. If you find yourself in any of these categories, we are ready to help.

For more information and resources regarding crimes involving violence, please visit fbi.gov.

For a list of Uniform Crime Reports, visit sanantonio.gov.

Thank you for taking interest in our law firm. If there is anyway that we can help defend your case, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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