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Immigration Lawyer in San Marcos, Texas


A San Marcos Immigration Attorney Serving all your Immigration Needs

When it comes to immigration and naturalization, even the simplest aspects of the law have become increasingly complicated. The process can be overwhelming and confusing, and even the most straightforward procedures may take months or years to complete. With changing laws and growing enforcement, gaining citizenship or residence in the United States can cause individuals to become quickly discouraged.

To be sure that your interests are well-represented, the help of an immigration lawyer is central to successfully navigating the process. For more information, contact our dedicated immigration law firm which offers exceptional legal services to those who need us most. (El abogado Case J. Darwin habla español)

Facing the most complicated immigration disputes, including:

  • Deportation and removal litigation;
  • Family based cases;
  • Employment based cases;
  • Green Cards and Visas;
  • Adjustment of status versus consular processing;
  • Waivers of inadmissibility;
  • Complex and criminal defense;
  • Asylum; and
  • Citizenship.

Immigration Service Explained by a Texas Citizenship Lawyer

Other Services

For more resources, visit the San Marcos USCIS Local Office.
You can also visit the FindLaw website which covers a bit more information on the laws in the State of Texas.

In addition to these resources, here is one you may find especially helpful.  This is a guide to protecting yourself and your family if ever encountered with raids.

At the end of the day, the immigration Law Office of Case J. Darwin Inc. is here to protect your rights, so we want to be sure you are well represented if you or a family member has been involved with a similar situation.  Remember, we are here for you. When facing any sort of criminal accusation it should never be faced alone. Because of this, we believe all people should be represented by an immigration attorney who is in it for you, and not the courts. Whether you are in need of a criminal immigration lawyer, green card lawyer, or a lawyer for any other area of immigration, we are here to help. Contact us for a consultation with one of the best immigration lawyers in Texas.

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