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Marijuana Possession and Distribution


There may come a day in the not too distant future when recreational marijuana is legal – or at least “decriminalized” – in Texas. But that day has yet to come, meaning that possession, use, and distribution of pot in the Lone Star State – other than for narrowly authorized medical purposes – is still against the law and can still subject you to a criminal conviction with potentially severe penalties.

Tens of Thousands of Texans Charged With Pot Possession Every Year

Too many Texans believe that more accepting attitudes about marijuana among the public and a growing number of states where pot is legal means that an arrest and conviction for a marijuana offense isn’t a big deal, or that police won’t bother making arrests for pot. The more than 60,000 Texans arrested for marijuana possession in 2016 should convince you otherwise.

If you are charged with marijuana possession or distribution in Hays, Guadalupe, or Comal County, don’t make the mistake of taking it lightly or quickly agreeing to a guilty plea. In addition to fines and time behind bars, a conviction for even the lowest level marijuana offense can restrict your ability to get a job, serve in the military, or get financial aid for college.

You need to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible after a pot-related arrest. The Law Office of Case J. Darwin of Hays, Guadalupe, and Comal County has extensive experience defending clients against marijuana charges and offers free initial consultations to help you understand your rights and options.

Texas Marijuana Laws and Penalties

The penalties for marijuana possession in Texas largely depend on the amount of pot involved. The lowest level marijuana possession offense – involving two ounces or less – can result in up to 180 days in jail and/or fines of up to $2,000. Possession of large amounts can lead to a prison sentence of up to 99 years along with additional charges of possession with intent to sell among other offenses.

If you are charged with selling or distributing marijuana, you can go to jail for up to a year even for a quarter of an ounce, with penalties increasing exponentially with higher amounts involved.

Call Today for Your Free Consultation With a San Marcos Texas Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

You may one day be able to possess and use pot legally in Texas. But until then, you are putting your future in jeopardy if you get caught and charged for doing so. If you are facing a Texas marijuana possession or distribution charges, you need to call an experienced drug crime defense lawyer immediately.

Call the Law Office of Case J. Darwin today at (210) 630-4780 or contact us online to arrange for your free initial consultation.

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