Can a Convicted Felon Own a Gun in Texas?

Gun ownership is a fundamental part of Texas culture, and it’s true that tens of thousands of Texans use guns for hunting, sport, and self-protection. Unfortunately, if you’re convicted of a felony, either a state or federal conviction, your gun ownership rights could be affected. What does Texas law say about felons owning guns? Will… Read More

What Are the Degrees of Misdemeanors in Texas?

The Lone Star State takes a tough approach to crime, and that’s evident when you look at the penalties for misdemeanors in Texas. While a judge sets the final penalty for your conviction, there are parameters that they must work within. Different degrees of misdemeanors have different sentencing guidelines. A skilled San Marcos criminal defense… Read More

What Does False Imprisonment Mean?

False imprisonment, a term often associated with dramatic kidnapping scenarios, goes beyond Hollywood plots and enters the realm of real-life legal concerns. In essence, it unfolds when an individual deliberately prevents another from leaving a particular space without their explicit consent. While frequently spotlighted in cases of abduction, false imprisonment extends its ominous presence to… Read More

What to Do If You’ve Been Falsely Arrested

Police officers bear the responsibility of upholding the law and apprehending those believed to have committed an offense. However, instances of wrongful arrests, where officers act outside their lawful authority, are regrettably not uncommon. If you find yourself or a loved one facing the aftermath of a false arrest, it’s crucial to recognize that you… Read More

The San Marcos, TX Sacred Springs Pow-Wow

Hey there, San Marcos residents! Are you looking for a unique and culturally enriching experience right in your backyard? Look no further than the Sacred Springs PowWow, a celebration that brings together the vibrant tapestry of Native American culture. Trust me, this is one event you don’t want to miss! What is the Sacred Springs… Read More

What Is Manslaughter & How Does It Differ from Murder?

If you are facing charges of manslaughter in Texas, the stakes are incredibly high. While both murder and manslaughter are considered criminal homicide under Texas law, the potential defenses against these charges can vary, as can the possible penalties. Understanding the distinctions between the two is crucial in mounting an effective defense. Here’s what you… Read More

What Is a Non-Prosecution Affidavit?

The Texas criminal justice system provides several avenues for individuals to influence criminal proceedings. One such avenue is the use of a non-prosecution affidavit. Victims or witnesses sometimes file non-prosecution affidavits to indicate they do not wish to proceed with criminal charges against the accused. But the consequences of filing such an affidavit are neither… Read More

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