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Spousal Support Attorney in San Marcos, TX


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In a divorce, parties may experience a significant financial disparity in either income or earning capability.  In such a situation, a court may order for one party to provide spousal maintenance, i.e., alimony, to the other party.

Case J. Darwin handles spousal-maintenance issues in San Marcos, throughout Hays County, and its surrounding counties.  Case J. Darwin employs a results-oriented approach to spousal maintenance.

Texas Spousal Maintenance

In making a spousal-maintenance determination, a court has broad discretion.  The factors a court may consider in such a determination are the following:

  • The length of the marriage,
  • Each party’s financial resources, education, age, and health at the time of the divorce,
  • Whether, during the marriage, one party contributed to the training and education of the other party, and
  • Whether a party committed during the marriage acts of adultery, domestic violence, or other cruel behavior.

Whether you are defending against or seeking spousal maintenance, hire an attorney who will provide you with a results-oriented approach.  Case J. Darwin will tailor a spousal-maintenance strategy to your desire.

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