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Divorce Attorney in San Marcos, TX


A Results-Oriented Strategy for Divorce

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Divorce is just the beginning of the end.  The end only arrives once your divorce is finalized.  It is important that you have a results-oriented approach to successfully end a marriage.

Case J. Darwin is a divorce attorney who gets results in San Marcos, throughout Hays County, and in its surrounding counties.  Case J. Darwin will use a results-oriented approach, whether it be a simple, uncontested divorce or includes more complex issues like child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, etc.

Texas is a Community-Property State

Property acquired during the course of a marriage is presumed to be community property and is subject to division upon divorce.  Certain property, such as gifts and inheritances, may be considered separate property, but generally speaking, the following types of property are subject to division, provided they were acquired during the course of the marriage:

  • Houses,
  • Vehicles,
  • Retirement assets such as 401(k)s, IRAs and pensions,
  • Jewelry, furniture and other personal possessions,
  • Oil and gas assets, and
  • Business and professional practice assets.

Not only are assets subject to division, but so are liabilities.  Your debt will also be divided in the divorce.  You must receive your fair share of community property, while sheltering your exposure to debt for which you were not responsible.  Our results-oriented approach will protect your financial assets.

Contact us for Client-Tailored Representation from a Texas Divorce Attorney

It is important to immediately seek legal representation if you are planning or undergoing a current divorce.  Contact us online or by telephone at 512-738-6146 for a free initial consultation with a family divorce lawyer.

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