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After a divorce or separation with children, it often becomes necessary that one party will owe child-support payments to another party for a child’s care and well-being.  Normally, child support is a straightforward process, but sometimes significant complications arise.

Case J. Darwin handles child-support issues in San Marcos, and its surrounding counties.  Case J. Darwin will guide you through initial child support calculations and any applicable child-support enforcement or modification issues.  

Texas Child Support

A court calculates child support based on a set of guidelines, which takes into account various factors such as the parents’ income ad number of children.  Child-support calculations can be relatively straightforward in an amicable and cooperative divorce.  However, some times a party tries to hide or minimize income in order avoid or lower a necessary child-support payment.  Thus, investigative techniques may be necessary from time to time.

A significant change in circumstances permits a party to modify a child-support order.  Such significant changes include a job loss or decrease or increase in income.  

Case J. Darwin employs a result-oriented approach to protect your best interest in child-support matters.

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