Statement to Police?

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Should you Talk to or Provide a Statement to the Police?

NO. Again, NEVER. Do not disregard this advice.dwi lawyer

You may be thinking that you have nothing to hide. But, if the police are trying to obtain a
statement from you, you are already a target. Whatever you say is only going to inculpate you
(hurt you) more or give the police the evidence they were lacking, but now have, to charge you.

If the police are going to arrest you, they are going to arrest you. Remember, you exercising
your right to remain silent cannot be used against you at trial.

What else you providing a statement does to you down the road is that it boxes your attorney in
at trial. The attorney becomes boxed in by your statement.

What do you Tell the Police When Asked to Provide a Statement?

Simply tell the police politely that you would love to cooperate but you have an attorney, and on
his advice, you are choosing not to provide a statement.

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