Do I need a criminal defense lawyer?

Recently came across an article published by Avvo that was an excellent resource for someone trying to determine whether they should hire a criminal defense lawyer.  The name of the article was of course, “Do I need a criminal defense lawyer?” But the point of this blog is highlight some of key findings from that article.

The first point to make is that nearly all criminal charges come with the constitutional right to an attorney, if the person being charged cannot afford one. In San Marcos and all across Texas, people have several options when it comes to facing a criminal charge. Those options include:

  • Self-representation
  • Public defenders (Or court appointed attorney)
  • Private criminal defense lawyers

When should you hire a criminal defense lawyer in San Marcoscriminal defense lawyer

Needless to say, hiring a criminal defense lawyer in San Marcos to represent you comes with a number of advantages. An obvious advantage is that they are able to help you understand your rights and options. Another important reason is that they can possibly help reduce the charges against you, which will also reduce the punishment severity in many cases. People are often faced with difficult decisions that need to be made when involved in legal situations. Having an attorney on your side who can ease your mind and offer solutions goes a long way. The last thing you need is to be left with no where to turn at the mercy of the court.

Ultimately, the decision is up to the individual. But seeking the legal advice from a good criminal defense lawyer can mean the difference between a positive and negative outcome in your case. And we would like to help.

So if you are on the fence of whether you need an attorney,contact us today for a free consultation.

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