Why You Might Need a San Marcos Criminal Defense Lawyer

san antonio criminal defense lawyerRarely do people think they will ever need a defense attorney. The truth is, an experienced San Marcos criminal defense lawyer can have a big impact on the outcome of your case.  The most obvious reason for hiring an attorney is that they understand the law and can defend you in court.  In addition to this reason, they can also provide you legal advice and help you better understand what your options are.

How a San Marcos Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

Being arrested or charged with a crime is a serious thing. This situation should not be taken lightly, and should be acted upon immediately. A charge for a crime can lead to big consequences including fines, a criminal record and even jail time. While you are free to handle your legal situation on your own, the road may be a tough one. A San Marcos criminal defense lawyer protects your rights and works to achieve the best possible outcome.  Without a thorough understanding of criminal law, you may not be aware of all your options after an arrest.

A criminal defense attorney helps in the following ways:

  1. They help you better understand the charges against you.
  2. Preparing a defense for your case.
  3. They make you aware of any plea bargains that may exist.
  4. Create understanding of what your options are.
  5. Make you aware of what to expect in the event of a conviction.

This list alone is reason enough to understand how consulting with an attorney is a good idea.  But it doesn’t end here.  Because a good San Marcos criminal defense lawyer is also going to make every attempt to do the following:

  1. Reduce your charges to a less severe offense.
  2. Minimize punishment for the committed crime.
  3. Reduce jail time (or eliminate altogether through probation).
  4. And create a defense strategy that gives you a good chance at the best possible outcome.

Take the next step

You now have a good understanding of the benefits a defense attorney can provide in your legal matter.  While we understand each situation is unique, we encourage you to get in touch with our office to discuss your case.

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