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Traffic Violations

Traffic Violations: Protect Your Driving Record

Traffic violations are worth talking about. One thing we suggest is to never just pay your traffic tickets in San Marcos. Doing so may result in higher insurance rates, points on your driving record, and in some cases, even the suspension of your license.

When people think about traffic violations, speeding tickets are usually what come to mind. The truth is, there are a number of incidents that can be be considered a violation such as running a red light, not abiding to street signs, or even illegal turns. This is why it is important to consult with an attorney who understands who to speak with in court to help reach reasonable deals to your benefit. Not to mention, an attorney will also know the specific types of proof that an officer needs to show the court. This is in the event that there is not enough information to support the traffic violation.

So there you have it. Additionally, paying some violations may result in hidden consequences that you may be unaware of. These consequences may result in your paying of yearly surcharges, in addition to fines and court costs. You must pay these additional surcharges sometimes for years, just to keep your license. A perfect example is that, if you “just pay the fine” on Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility (No Insurance Violation), doing so will also cost you about $260 per year for three years. This is in addition to the fine and court costs paid at the courthouse.

Don’t try to deal with the system on your own. The State is represented by an attorney, you should be represented as well. We are here for you when you need us.

For help with traffic tickets in San Marcos, contact our law firm.

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