Fight for Freedom Scholarship

black chainWe are taught to put our trust in the criminal justice system, but like so many of our institutions, the justice system is fallible. Misused forensic science, eyewitness misidentification, inadequate defense, and various other system shortcomings can lead to wrongful accusations and convictions.

It is estimated that between 2% and 10% of individuals in prison are innocent. That means that anywhere from 46,000 to 230,000 innocent people are locked away today.

That’s between 46,000 and 230,000 people whose lives have been derailed or even lost due to the failings of the justice system.

We at The Law Office of Case J. Darwin will not let these innocent people be forgotten. That is why we created the Fight for Freedom Scholarship.


To apply for this scholarship, we are asking students to write a profile of an individual who was wrongly accused and proven innocent, or convicted and later released for innocence. Identify how this wrongful accusation or conviction was able to occur, how they were able to be released, and present solutions for the future. Please include personal details on the individual, as it is our goal to humanize this institutional issue.

The profile should be between 750-1000 words.


  • You must be currently enrolled in, or have been accepted for the upcoming year, an accredited university or college.
  • You must be able to provide verification of identity and verification of enrollment at the aforementioned university.
  • Only one submission will be accepted per person.

How to Apply

  1. Send your essay to [email protected] no later than May 1st, 2020
  2. Please include your first and last name, contact information
  3. Along with your essay, please provide a copy of your current academic transcript (unofficial transcripts accepted)

Award Details

  • 1st place scholarship – $1000
  • 2nd place scholarship – $250
  • 3rd place scholarship – $100

Submissions open: February 1st, 2020
Submissions close: May 1st. 2020

The winner will be chosen within 2 weeks after the submissions close date.

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