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What is Criminal Trespassing in Texas?

Although trespassing may seem like a relatively straightforward concept, related laws have certain nuances and complexities that can be useful to know. Discover the various types and categories of trespassing and find out what you can do if you’re ever charged with trespass or criminal trespass in Texas. How Does Trespassing Differ From Criminal Trespassing?… Read More

What is Indictment and What Happens Next?

The American legal system is designed to ensure that all people are considered innocent until proven otherwise. Determining a party’s involvement in a crime is often a complex process, however, and specific processes are put in place to maximize the chances that everyone is treated fairly. One of these is the indictment process, which is… Read More

How to Expunge and Seal Your Record

A criminal record can have a negative impact on many aspects of your life, including your relationships, housing options, and employment. You might be wondering if there is anything you can do to clear your name and move on with your life if you or a loved one in San Marcos, Texas, has a criminal… Read More

How Do I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Being accused of a crime can be a terrifying, life-altering, and overwhelming experience. You may be scared, confused, and unsure of what to do next. Under the United States Constitution and Texas state laws, people accused of crimes have certain rights, such as the right to legal representation. It’s essential that you hire an experienced… Read More

What Are the Degrees of Felonies in Texas?

Getting charged with a crime in Texas can be a scary experience when you’re suddenly confronted with strange terms and legal language. As in most states, Texas classifies crimes as either misdemeanors or felonies. Felonies generally involve the most severe crimes as determined by the state legislature. But under the law, there are levels of… Read More

How Do I get a Lower Bond. or a P.R. Bond?

The most important thing after an arrest is bonding out.  Some offenses are eligible for a P.R. bond or personal bond.  Other more serious offenses will have to qualify for a bond reduction only.  There are three types of bonds: (1) a P.R. bond, or personal bond, (2) a cash bond, or (3) a surety… Read More

How Can I Get Charges Dropped Before a Court Date?

The prospect of facing criminal charges can leave most people feeling unnerved. Even just the possibility of an accusation can drag you into an unfamiliar process where the parties seem to be speaking a foreign language, albeit one rooted in law. Having the proper legal representation can help ease some of the stress. One of… Read More

Prenatal Drug Testing Laws in Texas

The use of illegal drugs such as cocaine or heroin during pregnancy presents significant risks for newborns. Unfortunately, it’s a widespread phenomenon. The National Institutes of Health estimates that 5% of pregnant women use some form of addictive controlled substances, with cocaine exposure impacting as many as 750,000 pregnancies each year. Lawmakers and law enforcement officials in… Read More

What’s the Difference Between Robbery and Theft?

Criminal laws are written carefully to distinguish the seriousness of someone’s actions. The distinctions are sometimes very slight but can make a significant difference in a court of law regarding sentencing. One example is the statutes of robbery and theft. Non-lawyers generally view robbery and theft as being the same offense, and in the broadest… Read More

Can Convicted Felons Own Guns in Texas?

Federal vs State Law One of the rights that an individual might be forced to forfeit when they are convicted of a criminal charge is their right to possess firearms. In federal law, all individuals who are convicted of felonies, domestic violence charges, or any charge with a minimum sentence of one year are barred… Read More

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