bar admissions

Bar Admissions

When speaking about bar admissions, this is the permission that is granted for a lawyer to practice law in a particular court system.  Sometimes when a qualified candidate has received his or her degree from an accredited law school, passed the bar exam, and filed the necessary applications, admission to the bar may still be denied. This is usually because of some difficulty in the applicant’s past.

Often it is because of a previous criminal charge or conviction, a dishonorable discharge from the armed services, or a suspension, dismissal, or removal from public office or past employment.

The good news for candidates who fear they may be denied admission to the bar is that, by law, they are entitled to a hearing on these issues before the Texas Board of Law Examiners (the “Board”). If the Board denies admission to a candidate, it must provide you with the reasons for it, as well as an opportunity to challenge the negative recommendation before the Court.

Case Darwin represents applicants in all phases of the admission process, including hearings before the Board and, if necessary, litigation with the district court.

If you want to become a lawyer but have an issue in your past that you believe may result in your being denied admission to the bar, speak with a qualified attorney and get the legal advice and representation you need to help make that possible.

Please contact us if you have experienced difficulty with the bar admissions process. We would like to help.

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